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2 Catchick Street

Situated in an old residential colonial-era residential neighbourhood named 'Kennedy Town', this district has been evolving in last decade, from a large crowd of local residences to a more global and inclusive with an increasing mixture of expatriates. 

The design brief was to enhancement a 4-storey podium façade that includes a two-level retail podium, a entrance hallway to the residential tower, 1,000 sqm ground floor space plus 1,500 sqm first floor space. During planning stage our team has explored lots of options for the first floor, with functions like a large retail space, a sub-divided space for restaurants, or a co-working space with sunken balconies. Not until these was a confirmed tenant to turn the whole first floor into a 4-house cinema complex, it then becomes the only cinema complex in the neighbourhood.

The design outcome was a sleek white and grey façade exterior, with carefully designed lighting feature. The design proportion was carefully designed and laid out to enhance the beauty of its original proportion. Ground floor shop fronts were designed with unified signage system. The overall design language was a functional application revitalization that uplift the overall podium design quality while remains subtle in the streetscape.

Location: 2 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Project Owner: Grosvenor Asia Pacific

Project Management: Knight Frank

Floor Area: approx. 2,500 sqm ; 4-storey

Completed: 2019

#AdaptiveReuse #Architecture #Retail #HongKong

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